Why Hylman?

Hylman values its diversity, independence, connectedness, inclusion, and glocalization. Put all of that in the mix with Talent and the outcome is as sweet as winning the jackpot in a world filled with outdated service providers.

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Companies that build on people, build with Hylman.

Reducing Churn. Increasing Performance.
Improving Culture. Boosting DEI.

Make faster and stronger talent management decisions in hiring, growing and retaining talent - with Hylman.

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HYLMAN has a network of

100,000+ talents worldwide

which covers all kinds of industries, skillsets, grades, backgrounds, and positions of experts who are very keen to work with you. We meet your financial limits and leverage your commercial power to help place the perfect candidate with you without compromising quality. This is done through our dedicated team's full fledged support on recruitment, from profile creation all the way to delivery, as well as post-delivery support.

CXO Staffing

We put great attention to selecting the right leadership that shall take the extra mile to navigate you through all ups and downs.

Strategic, accountable, practical, and rolling up their sleeves to get the company on track, our CXO Staffing services covers all C-Suite positions and makes sure you’re being led by a true leader, or ENABLER. No room for jokes.

executive staffing

All responsible executives must fulfil certain criteria: short term wins, long term growth. We seek to identify the right executives, heads of departments, directors, and BOD appointments that will match your culture, elevate thinking, assure loyalty, and take your teams to the next level.

executive staffing

We understand the short term needs, and limits, of companies. Temporary executive staffing can be the solution in taking in those tedious management duties to accomplish, fix or avoid. Through our pool of talents, we seek to seamlessly, and fairly quickly, position the right executive temps at whichever domain or department of your company and fill those gaps.

non-executive staffing

Sometimes the only missing element for a company to meet its long term objectives is a good non-executive director or manager that counsels, and strategically steers, towards that end. Understanding those needs and the fact that efficiency has to be achieved without stretching intellects with management responsibilities, especially industry veterans with a golden jubilee experience, we put the right people in those rooms.

non-executive staffing

Exceptionally necessary for companies experiencing high growth with no time or budget to hire full time counsel, a temporary non-executive shall ringfence your strategies in the short term with a farsighted plan for the future. Understanding your needs and the fact that quick improvements have to be achieved without stretching time or budgets too thin, guiding you through today’s landscape waves is the solution.

Project/On-Demand Staffing

If you’re engaged to deliver a project for any public or private sector entity around the world, this is what you need. We partner with you to understand your client and project you’re undertaking, types and levels of experts you need, budget allocated for the engagement, duration, KPIs and delivery milestones to get the work done for your clients. Not only that, with this offer you get direct oversight from high calibre Enablers, former leaders at big consulting firms and corporations, to ensure those talents and your project are in line to deliver exceptional value.

Make faster, better, talent management decisions

When hiring, growing and retaining talent with Hylman talent intelligence.

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Talent Acquisition

Hire talent,
not resumes.

Are you having a hard time finding the talent you need? Maybe it’s because you’re looking at what people have done, rather than who people are. Prioritize talent acquisition with the help of talent intelligence.